I'm currently working with a company with people from all over the world! International game teams where some of the members were born during the latest ice age, and some were born during the more recent nuclear age. That combination creates the optimal power generating conditions needed to make us create rich experiences for the everyday gamer!

The company aims to take the gameplay experience to richer, deeper levels while making mobile mid-core free-to-play games accessible. The company was founded in 2015 and is now based in the beautiful cities of Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany - with a 50+ headcount.

Recently, they released the first iteration of the Warhammer IP to be released for mobile devices.

working closely with the games server, close to their cloud infra , you will be building cutting-edge, scalable solutions designed to support millions of live users - Designing, building, testing and implementing modern tools/technologies that are needed to develop, run and live stream games for millions of users worldwide.

Permanent position - Hybrid (50/50 split) - Stockholm

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Senior Java Developer - (Games server)

FRG Technology Consulting

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Plats: Stockholm
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Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!