Currently working with a Stavanger-based company, specializign within the renewable energy sector and large-scale offshore wind farm projects. With over 200 employees, offices in Norway, Denmark, Germany, the UK and US, they are further expanding into Sweden, and would like to on-board their first team members and establish and office in the country! You'd be working remotely/within a shared office space to begin, before moving into your new premises as one of the first people in the Swedish HQ.

They have 3 teams;

  1. 'DESIGN' - a SaaS solution that works by running simulations of offshore wind farms to help with planning, bidding, ROI plans etc. So it estimates the cost, resources, £ need etc. rather than just people guessing which is what it used to e. So a Solution where you can input shipping, weather etc and run simulations. NOTE: this is just offshore at the moment, but are thinking about starting up on-shore wind farm simulations in 1-2 years.
  2. 'EXECUTION' - a SaaS solution that is more focused on the day to day operations of off-shore wind farms, work schedules, planning, asset management etc. In this team there is also an On Call function - But this is voluntary. If you are on call you get a bonus on top of your salary.
  3. 'ShoreSim' - the team that is responsible for developing and maintaining the Simulation environment.

You will work in an ​agile environment where you will be involved in a variety of aspects of our backend development, from architecting to implementation and test automation

Skills & Qualifications

A Backend Developer or full-stack developer with a Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science (or another relevant field

3+ years of relevant work experience

Well-experienced with Java or a similar language

Experienced with relational and/or non-relational databases (MySQL, MongoDB)

Experienced with Unix / Linux / Bash and Jenkins

Self-motivated, flexible, responsible, and self-driven

A team player with a creative and innovative mindset, who can be pragmatic when the situation calls for it

Fluent in spoken and written English.


  • Company bonus - if 100% achieved target as business then get 12.5% bonus on top of year salary. Not a hit or miss scenario - so you can still get part of bonus even if not fully hit.
  • 8% pension
  • Good WFH flexibility

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Software engineer - Java

FRG Technology Consulting

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Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!


Architect, ASP, Bachelor, Bash, Computer science, JAVA, Linux, Management, MongoDB, MySQL