The project has the aim of exploring how intelligent robotics can be used for quality assessment of packages resulting from a packaging line. The long-term vision is to use modern collaborative robots assisted by computer vision; the robots should be able to pick a package from the production line, examine the characteristics of the package and evaluate whether the quality standards are respected. The project will start by exploring how to effectively pick Tetra Pak packages. The collaboration between Tetra Pak and LTH will be an important element for the execution of the project.

You will be able to use existing robotics software for picking objects, but you will have to adapt it to Tetra Pak packages and test the performance.

This project is suitable for two students. This project comes with the possibility of a subsequent employment as Industrial PhD student at Tetra Pak. 

As an applicant for the described project, you should have 
•    Very good grades
•    Very good python skills
•    Good knowledge of Linux
•    Done a course in Robotics, Intelligent Autonomous Systems and/or Machine Learning
•    Good knowledge of ROS, the Robotics Operating System. If you really want to do this project and you do not know ROS, then we can provide you with some very good and fun on-line courses. However, you would have to do these ROS courses before you start this project.
•    Ideally, you have also a good software engineering background. 

Apply with your CV and transcript at 

Rohit Kumar, Software Engineer at Tetra Pak,
Volker Krüger, Professor i Datavetenskap,

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Master Thesis - Intelligent Robotic Systems for Quality Control

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