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Randstad Technologies are now looking for a senior DevOps Support Engineer for a consultant position with one of our clients. Here you will be working with a connected car platform delivery as a part of a newly formed team and have the possibilities to work in a rapidly growing organization where 

Randstad Technologies is specialized in competences within IT. As a consultant with us, you get a competitive salary, benefits and collective agreements. Your consultant manager is always there for you and ensures that you get varying and developing assignments at different companies, within different industries. At Randstad Technologies, your personal development is in focus, and you are offered a large network and many social activities.


• Provide 2nd line support to 1st line customer engagement center

• Manage issues (log, drive, evaluate, troubleshoot, trigger actions, categorize, prioritize, verify)

• Coordination and communication within the team, organization and with supplier support

• Implementing various development, testing, automation tools, and IT infrastructure

• Setting up tools and required infrastructure

• Have the technical skill to review, verify, and validate software code

• Troubleshooting techniques and fixing  code bugs

• Reliability, maintainability and operation of the system

• Capacity planning

• Principled monitoring to improve MTTD/MTTR (mean time to detection/recovery).

• Encouraging and building automated processes wherever possible

• Incident management and root cause analysis

• Coordination and communication within the team and with suppliers

• Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools

• Strive for continuous improvement and build continuous integration, continuous development, and constant deployment pipeline (CI/CD Pipeline)

• Monitoring and measuring cloud performance KPIs

• Support cybersecurity team in identifying and deploying cybersecurity measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management

working hours.

Full time + on-call schedule, work might include overtime occasionally.



• Infrastructure configuration, scripting languages and application and network protocols

• Working knowledge of various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services

• Strong Software development skills

• Strong analysis skills

• Excellent troubleshooting skills

• Knowledge of open-source technologies

• Configuration and managing Cloud databases

• Awareness of critical concepts in DevOps and Agile principles


o 2nd line support & Case management

o Automation, logging, monitoring and observability, infrastructure configuration, scripting languages and application and network protocols

o Linux based infrastructure

o Hosting microservice based solutions

o Communication Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS and GRPC

o Open tracing standards

o Istio Service Mesh and configuration

o Kubernetes

o Operating connected solutions (IoT)

o GitLab, Docker, Helm, CI/CD pipeline, Stackdriver, Grafana

o Infrastructure as code: Bash, Python

o Google Cloud Platform

o Google Cloud Armor

o Google Security Command Center

o Google IAM policy Management

For us, it is important that all competence and skills in the labor market are utilized. We welcome all applicants and strive for diversity.


Prior experience from 2nd line support in cloud environments


2021-07-09, selection and interviews will be ongoing. The position may be filled before the last day of application, therefore, apply as soon as possible.

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devops support engineer in gothenburg.

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Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!


Bash, Consultant Manager, Continuous Integration, Linux, Management, Monitor, Network, Python, SAP