Senior Frontend Developer, Consultancy to Customer

My client is a small, yet powerful consultancy that has won a large, long-term project for a customer that's due to start in Q1 of next year

They are currently in the process of building a small team to work in-house at their office in Central Gothenburg in preparation for this.

The project in question would see you helping their client in building a web portal that consolidates 25 different websites into 1 place. The problem today is that the End Customer's users may have 4-5 different logins to the different sites and services they need - which isn't great in terms of customer experience.

While there would be some upgrading of legacy code, the development phase will mostly consist of greenfield development. This project is likely to last at least 2 years and is the largest of its kind that this customer has ever planned or done. As part of this large implementation, you will play an important part in decision making, meaning you will have a chance to create something long-lasting and crucial to their customer!

Desired Profile

  • 5+ years of development experience
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript and Modern library (Ideally Vue.JS)
  • Fluency in Swedish and English

How They Enjoy Work

This consultancy is small and growing quickly as the CEO has made an active effort to get involved and make long-term connections with some of the largest end-users in Gothenburg.

As a company, this consultancy has managed to create a successful concept that helps both its developers and customers thrive.

On top of investing in your development, they also take part in team activities, meetups and go for kick-offs elsewhere in Europe!

For the financials, their offer would include a fixed monthly salary, pension and other benefits.

Caught Your Interest?

You can apply for this role directly through this job advertisement or emailing your CV and Cover letter to

For any further questions about this role please contact Jenna Owens using the above email address.

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