Picture this! You are a key player in driving the IT landscape in the desired direction. You influence and direct. Your main stakeholders include business and IT leaders. You are part of a small team of experienced architects and a large IT organization continuously seeking to do things better. But in this strategic role, you will also get your fingers into Solution Architecture and use your tech skills to design solutions for our business projects.

Aller IT

Aller IT is a Nordic IT organization within the Aller Group. We deliver IT services to 2,500 colleagues throughout Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. We are working on delivering the best solutions for all the Aller Domiciles. On a Nordic level we employ about 100 IT colleges and we are proud of what we deliver.

In Aller IT we deeply believe in acting and working as a team to support the business in the best possible way. We believe in an open and honest dialogue; we are committed to learn from our mistakes and to continue developing our services and ourselves.

The Aller Group is one of the largest media companies in the Nordic region with over 120 brands and around 2.500 employees.

Your Role

In the role of Enterprise Architect in Aller IT, your main responsibility will be facilitation and alignment between business and IT by creating and maintaining architecture artefacts defining and directing the future state of the IT landscape.

You will apply a holistic view on Enterprise Architecture, including but not limited to business capabilities, data, applications, services and business processes.

In this role you have a lot of engagement and many relations with the business, sometimes as part of a project, but often in various ongoing ad-hoc dialogues and pre-analysis phases.

At times, your role will include going into solution mode as a Solution Architect, delivering IT analysis and design for selected projects. This will mainly be around application and service integration. Keywords here are integration patterns, event driven design and APIs.

You will report to the Head of IT Architecture.


The above range of duties require you to have a broad set of skills.

  • Enterprise IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture:

We do not strictly follow a specific EA process, but you should have a sound knowledge of broadly used EA models and frameworks and be able to apply the principles and thoughts in your daily work. It is essential to direct the IT landscape towards the preferred states, consolidate when appropriate and be a strong representative for the direction and strategy of Aller IT.

  • Consultancy:

Enterprise and Solution Architect roles at Aller require you to act as an internal consultant. You can manage many stakeholders, you are comfortable in hosting workshops, you can prioritize and make the complex simple. Collecting and documenting requirements and producing other supporting artefacts like process diagrams is also part of your role.

  • Solutions Architecture, Data Modelling:

As a Solution Architect you need to have a solid technical foundation, maybe from development or system consulting. You must “understand code”, know your data models and APIs.

  • Other qualifications:

The role requires you to be very open minded. Reaching out, promote dialogue and create relation is just part of you. You probably hold a Masters Degree in IT or other relevant domain. Experience from Media in particular, Leisure Travel or E-Commerce would be an advantage.

Your new Team

We are 4 experienced architects in the team including you, mainly solution architects, and located in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Most of our time as a team goes into business projects. We support all business units, mainly in the Media domain today, but will extend into E-Commerce and Leisure Travel going forward.

Your new manager Michael says: “We support different business units and work in a demanding environment. It is not always easy. But we help each other and we have plenty of challenging IT projects ahead, and many successes achieved”


The position is full time, and you will be working from our office in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Malmö (Expect limited travel in the Nordics). We continuously select candidates for interview. Apply as soon as possible and no later than October 30th 2020. The process may end sooner if we find the right candidate. Please send your CV and cover letter in English.

Do you have questions? contact: Michael Smerdel, Head of IT Architecture, +45 5076 1636, michael.smerdel@aller.com

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Enterprise Architect to Aller IT

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