In a brand new skyscraper with a fantastic view of Stockholm, is the company Tre located. An innovative corporation which during the past two years has been nominated to the second-best workplace in Sweden. Tre is a company that is well aware of how to take care of its personnel and to make sure they are taken good care of. Tre is now looking for you with a couple of years within system development, and wants to take on the role as Cloud Engineer. You will get the opportunity to work with different parts of the organization and your awesome mentor will be around to guide you from day one. Please read below for more information. Will it be you who kick start your career during the fall?!

Om tjänsten
As a Cloud Engineer, you will be a part of a virtual team with lots of different talents like architects, project managers and different types of developers. The overall team goal is to create the best work environment for both development and production data. In order to achieve this, you will have various tools to make this possible. During your first year, you will work as a consultant at Academic Work for Tre. We have together created a setup with both mentor and various sessions of training in order to make sure that you have the possibility to prosper and develop within your role.

You are offered

• A proper introduction where you will learn about the internal IT systems at Tre. Hence an introduction about the role and whats expecting from you.
• Constant training, both face-to-face and E-learning based. These training sessions will be individual based upon your previous knowledge and competence but will include CI/CD and DevOps.
• Constant dialog with both your mentor at Tre and your hiring manager at Academic Work. This is to make sure you will get the support and coaching needed to succeed in your role.
• You will have full access to a brand new training facility and gym, where you and your new co-workers can train together.
• You will have flexible working hours in which it is perfectly fine for you to start either before or after original office hours, depending on what suits you and your life best.

In your role as a Cloud Engineer will at first include to get comfortable in new techniques, systems and how to go about in the new organization. You will take care of cloud-based administrative tasks and maintenance and get comfortable with the new tools and stay updated in various aspects including distribution and handling cloud-based resources. This also includes cloud-based security, processes, surveillance, warnings, etc. You will get plenty of time to test new techniques and present input and findings of possible solutions.

Are you curious about which technology stack you will work within?

Linux is the primary OS at Tre and their programming language are Java, Node.js, typescript, Python, Bash Shell Scripting mm. They also use Azure, Microservices, CI/CD tools (Jenkins/CircleCI) och Kubernetes

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