That is a tricky question! If you would ask this question to our 20 Industrial Leads you would not get the exact same answer twice. This is due to the fact that our development projects vary, and they vary a lot. From sourcing in a new accessory, to developing a new camera housing or maybe industrializing an innovative, high tech camera.

The team in the camera project will consist of some 20 development engineers. And in the accessory project it might only be you, the Project Manager and an Electronics Engineer. Your tasks in these projects will be quite different but there are off course similarities and boundaries in the Industrial Lead's responsibilities.

The Industrial Lead's vision is making innovations come true and products come through - where 'innovations' refer to the new stuff that we develop and 'products come through' means taking these all the way to end customer. But let's try to make it a bit more substantial with bullet points. Our responsibilities are:

  • Have an overview of the industrialization and participate in project planning. At the same time have the ability to dig into details and prioritize activities.
  • Leading the different production builds at our contract manufacturers before volume production.
  • Handling and implementing product changes after launch. Even though we plan carefully, things pop up and the Industrial Lead is very much involved in change management in our supply chain after product launch.
  • Securing that the right information is communicated at the right time to the line organization within Operations such as Supply Chain, Demand Planning and Order.

This is another tricky question! We believe you have a technical university degree with focus on management, production or supply chain. More importantly we believe that you have waste experience in production and supply chain as well as experience of managing projects or improvement activities. It's certainly a plus if you also have experience of product development.

Great communication skills in English, both spoken and written, are required and it will help if you speak Swedish as well. You are a driven team player with good collaboration skills. You speak up when you see risks and make sure that actions are executed and followed up. Creating understanding for R&D's and Operation's different requirements within both organizations is essential for your and the project's success.

As an Industrial Lead we also expect you to be motivated by developing our role and ways of working. This position requires approximately 25 days of travelling per year mainly to our contract manufacturers in Poland, Mexico and Thailand.

We are currently 20 Industrial Leads divided into two groups. We work close to each other in the same industrialization process, but never in the same development project.

The experience level and professional background in the team is broad. Ranging from Phillip with a few years of previous experience working with new product introduction in the automotive industry to Maria who has more than 15 years at Axis in different positions within production preparation. We are used to onboarding new colleagues and have a warm and supportive climate.


Axis is a fast growing, innovative IT company with a global footprint. Our success is largely due to our highly skilled staff and our strong culture of daring to succeed and allowing ourselves to constantly break new ground.

Bringing new technology quickly to the market is one of Axis' keys to success. The Industrial Lead is of great contribution when making this happen. We are looking for a senior co-worker with a strong drive, great flexibility and curiosity who can connect the dots between the development projects and volume production. This is a replacement recruitment for a colleague that has moved on to new challenges within Axis.

In the role as Industrial Lead you will get a unique possibility to follow the product all the way from idea to customer delivery. When doing so, you will have contact with a lot of different functions within Axis and with external global partners. The role gives you deep insight of how Axis organization works which also opens up for new, future opportunities.

You will also have the possibility to thrive in a fast pace environment with an open, helpful and growing culture that prioritizes a healthy work/life balance.

Enough said. This add has probably caused you some confusion and hopefully also a lot of interest. Now it's time for you to act! Give us a ring, send us a message or come by and interview us. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Please contact recruiting manager Anna Szatmari or one of our Industrial Leads Philip Söderberg +46 46 272 18 00.

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