We are searching for the next great team player for a role as game programmer at Coffee Stain. You will work close together with your colleagues in an open and honest environment where everyone understands that creating bugs, resolving them and learning from that is all a part of being a programmer. You will be working in Unreal Engine 4 with C++, but if you're coming from other engines and languages such as C# and are eager to learn, you could still be the one.

Om tjänsten
Coffee Stain North started with nine students about six years ago when they decided to collaborate with Coffee Stain Studio. Its a familiar company which you also feel when you enter the office, an old cinema located at Kungsholmen. Everyones opinion is important, and you can always contribute with your feedback. Today theyre about 16 employees with a lot of competence.

You are offered

• Introduction with competent end dedicated colleagues where you first get to know the company and then move on to smaller tasks and tuition. When youre ready youll get more extensive tasks and more responsibility.
• The opportunity to work with game programming with new technologies which we are convinced that you think is really cool

As consultant at Academic Work you are offered a great opportunity to grow as a professional, extend your network and establish valuable contacts for the future. Read more about our offer{target='_blank'}.

The team is working in two-week sprints that start off with your lead assigning you work and end with a sprint retrospective. If you're in need there will be supportive colleagues helping you out. Sometimes there might be pair programming.

Examples of tasks:

• Program a new game mechanics or power-ups in the game
• Fix bugs and problems that occur when people test play
• Add new features that designers and graphic designers can use as they implement new content in the game

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