RAWBIKE combines the flexibility of the electric bike with the power of the moped in a stylish package which has contributed for their electric mopeds to take the place as the life puzzle hero in many Swedish homes. Now RAWBIKE is taking the next step out into the world and wants you, with entrepreneurial spirit and experience in creating growth and expansion in new markets, with them on this journey. Do you see business opportunities where others see problems? Do you possess the ability to think outside the famous box? Then it might be you RAWBIKE is looking for!

Om tjänsten
Swedish-owned RAWBIKE is a fast-growing and innovative start-up that offers electric-powered, climate-smart, flexible and, above all, Sweden's coolest electric mopeds that challenge traditional transport solutions on several levels.

Since RAWBIKE started 3 years ago, they have established themselves in Sweden and Finland with good profitability and are also found to a lesser extent in, among others, Iceland and Marbella. Now they are expanding their team and want you, who are passionate about entrepreneurship and have a sharp mind on how to pursue an international expansion with the best possible effect on a new and yet unpaved path, just like them. With close cooperation with the CEO, you set the conditions and drive ideas that pave the way for the company's continued expansion mainly in Europe to begin with!

'We are a small and tight team that has created a strong brand with huge potential to grow outside Sweden's borders. To succeed, we need to gain expertise that can contribute to our continued expansion. You will become an incredibly important part of this company and work closely with all parts of the company with a direct impact on our results! ' - Andreas Falck, CEO at RAWBIKE.

You are offered

• To be a part of an exciting journey where your role and performance will be crucial
• A role for an easy moving and innovative company with attractive products in an exciting industry
• Very good development opportunities as the company grows

As a Business Development Manager, you will drive the company's continued geographical expansion in Europe and at the same time be responsible for the administration linked to the company's profitability and growth follow-up. For example, you will:

• Identify and map out the company's financial strengths and needs
• Analyse new markets, identify business opportunities and develop growth strategies
and then implement them
• Initiate and conduct negotiations with suppliers, agents, and retailers
• Follow industry trends locally and internationally

Since the role has a clear international focus, it will mean that about 1 week of travel/month becomes a natural part of the position.

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Business Development Manager to RAWBIKE

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Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!


Business Development Manager, Entrepreneur, Retail, Transport