ALTEN Stockholm is growing rapidly within our IT division. For our consultants it means that you will have opportunities to grow with us and also to influence in what directions we are expanding. Your development is our most important focus.

Personal qualities that we value are the ability to act professionally as a consultant and to understand the client’s goals and values. These include; someone who is positive, creative, outgoing and driven, able to create and maintain long lasting relationships with our customers, thrilled by problem solving and able to use creativity and hard work to find new solutions. We are looking for a senior DevOps Engineer - someone with AzureDevOps competence and knowledge. 

We believe the suitable candidate would have the following: 

• At least 3 years of relevant experience from Dev Ops / Fullstack development 
• A strong passion for working with technology and a desire to learn and improve your knowledge 
• A technical education at university or college level, or equivalent work experience 
• Experience in debugging performance problems in a production environment 
• Experience in reading, understand and analyzing server logs 
• Experience in building scalable systems 
• Experience in some of the techniques we use (see below) 
• Passion for software development, scalable architecture and product building 
• Care about code quality, testing and automation 
• A sense of humor, and humility 

It is great if you have experience with: 
• Automation, configuration management, CI/CD, monitoring 
• Working with distributed systems 
• Building modern high performing web-services 
• Hosting on Azure or a similar cloud platform 
• Using Azure DevOps products 
• Debugging [software name] performance bottlenecks 
• Database modeling and performance analysis 
• Network design or troubleshooting 
• Configuration of Continuous Deployment solutions 
• Metrics based alerting 
• Containerization 
• Container orchestration 
• Building system integrations 
• Kubernetes, Azure Function, Service Fabric 
• build the CI/CD pipeline using mature tools such as Azure DevOps or Team City and Octopus 
• Ensure Automation in both application level using (unite testing, Data Testing and Integration testing etc.), 
• best practices in coding for all the development teams using multiple frameworks such as .Net core 
• ensure that our software products are running smoothly, efficiently, and reliable in our environments and allow scalability when needed 


Send an application if it sounds interesting!

For questions contact hiring manager:

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.Net, Architect, Azure, Management, Monitor, Network

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