As a prime driver in the electronics industry, Mycronic´s world-leading and unique production solutions impact the very future of technology. And the technology is everywhere. Inside jet motors travelling the globe. Inside people as pace makers continue to save lives. Even in space, as NASAs robot explores the lands of Mars. Right now, they are on a journey of growth, where they continue to explore new markets and expand worldwide. And on the road ahead, they need the right kind of people by their side. People, perhaps, much like you?

Om tjänsten
As a Experienced Software Developer at Mycronic, you will be in the very forefront of the electronic industry and part of a team consisting of 14 driven and committed employees from different countries and cultures. Mycronic is characterized by high technical skills, eager employees and people with passion for innovation.

At Mycronic, people from different parts of the world, at different ages and with different experiences work which is something they see as a strength. You become part of a company with an open corporate culture where you support and believe in each other and for Mycronic, diversity is not only a competitive advantage but also an important piece of the puzzle for an innovative and rewarding work environment.

To enjoy your job, I think it´s important to know your team members. We are working towards the same goal which means that we fail and succeed together, and I want to create a culture where we support each other and exchange our experiences - Niklas Andersson, Manager AS Software R&D, your future manager.


Currently, there are three different software groups at Mycronic and you will be part of the team who is designing the system software for products within business area Assembly Solutions (AS). You will be working with both developers and testers and your role will, except from collaboration with your team members, also imply collaboration with the other software teams and departments within Mycronic. Since Mycronic is a global company, you will also have the opportunity to establish a lot of international contacts.

Your work tasks will for example be

• Receive and analyze product requirements
• Adapt and develop software functions according to customer needs
• Participate in technology development and in improvement of methods and tools for software development

Mycronic has a large software organization which will give you the best imaginable opportunity to develop your knowledge and excel in several different areas within computer science such as software architecture for robotic systems, machine learning, AI, computer vision and high performance computing. You will also with time have the chance to lead and coach more junior colleagues.

Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!