Single Technologies is a start-up company within Bio-technology. They are developing a DNA-scanner and you will take part of the journey of successfully completing the scanner and take lead of development. Single Technologies is a company that allows everyone to equally contribute and they promote their employees to feel free to make changes in their work duties as well as within their working environment.

Om tjänsten
Single Technologies main area of expertise is the development of an unique scanner, which transform your saliva into a technical and digital product among other things. With help of the scanner and the DNA-sequencing, DNA is converted into a digital genetic information that is used in order to prevent diseases as well as designing personalized treatment pathways. Your role at the company will involve working as an expert and provide support and guidance to employees when completing the scanner.

As consultant at Academic Work you are offered a great opportunity to grow as a professional, extend your network and establish valuable contacts for the future.

As a Senior Laboratory Engineer you will have a great responsibility in the development process of the DNA-scanner. You will take the role as an problemsolver and supervisor to the chemists in their daily work.

You will also:

• Work as an expert and thereby come up with new ideas on how to design the DNA sequencing platform surface.
• Be a supervisor and guide others in the different possible ways of which you can solve problems connected to the DNA sequencer.
• Work with DNA templating and cluster amplification.
• Support and contribute to employees work with nano-patterning.

Det går inte längre att söka detta jobb!